Share a public, read-only version of tasks or views to keep everyone on the same page regardless if they're part of your Workspace or not!

How to share a view

  1. Visit any List, Board, Calendar, Timeline, Gantt, Mind Map, Table, or Map view on any Space, Folder, or List level

  2. Locate Share next to the ... menu

  3. Toggle on Public sharing

  4. Toggle on Share all Tasks if you want to allow people to click into tasks

  5. Copy the link or embed code

  6. Share your view with anyone!

An image detailing how to share a view with a public link

Note: You can share a private List, Board, Calendar, Timeline, Mind Map, Table, Map, or Gantt; however, private tasks will not appear in the publicly shared view.

How to Share a Task

  1. Open any task

  2. Locate Share next to the ... menu

  3. Toggle on Public sharing

  4. Customize what you want to share

  5. Copy the link or embed code

  6. Share your task with anyone!

A gif showing how to publicly share a task and select certain items to share, such as due dates or custom fields

How to Use a Public Task or View

Share what you want with whoever you want! From within a task, easily customize exactly what people with the link are able to see.

Customize Options:

  • Task Name & Status

  • Assignee

  • Priority

  • Due Date

  • Description

  • Comments

  • Attachments

  • Custom Fields

  • Subtasks

  • Tags

  • Checklists

Any tasks, Custom Fields, statuses, and more can be seen on a publicly shared view. Toggle on Share all Tasks to allow people to click into tasks from the public view.

Business Plan users can publicly share Lists, Boards, Calendars, Maps, Tables, Mind Maps, and Gantt charts from an Everything view - making it a company-wide view! Publicly share the view with clients or executives to allow them access to the whole picture and report across your Workspace.

There are two ways to share an item publicly:

URL: Copy the secret link and share with whomever to give view-only access to your task or view.

Image of a publically shared List view

On the Enterprise Plan, edit any publicly shared URL to automatically expire after a certain time period!

Image showing how to set a publicly shared URL to expire

Embed Code: Embed your task, List, Board, Calendar, Timeline, Table, Mind Map, Gantt, or Map view into any website, doc, you name it!

An image of a publicly embedded List view

Note: Admins on the Enterprise Plan have the ability to see all publicly shared areas in the Workspace and can easily turn them off under Advanced Permissions.

Search Public Views

Search on publicly shared Lists, Calendars, Maps, and Boards to find what you're looking for in seconds rather than searching through hundreds of tasks! Now that's efficiency. 😎

A gif showcasing how to search for tasks in a publicly shared view

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