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Do you already know your respondent’s name, email, or other information? With Hidden fields, you can feed this right into your form so respondents can skip filling out this information. 

Simply mark any email, text, URL, and number fields as hidden and they will be captured through your unique URL or embed code.

How to Use

  1. Edit a Form

  2. Hover your mouse over an email, text, URL, or number field in your form

  3. Click the ... menu

  4. Check Hidden field 

  5. Add fields into your shareable link or embed code

In the shareable URL, Hidden fields will appear like this:

Then, you will feed your data into the form. Using the above URL example, you would fill in the email and share that edited URL to be filled-out:

  • Dates enter a unix timestamp, for example ?hidden=1579630362234

  • Priority use 1 = urgent, 2 = high, 3 = normal, 4 = low

If you have suggestions on how we can improve our Hidden fields, please let us know!

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