Table widgets allow you to bring in specific areas of your Workspace to your Dashboard.

Available Widgets

  • Task List
  • Completed Report
  • Worked On
  • Workspace Points
  • Who's Behind
  • Time Estimated
  • Time Tracked

How Table Widgets Work

Task List

Create a List view in your Dashboard using tasks from any location.

Completed Report

This report shows tasks completed by each person.

  • A task completed is counted towards the person if that user(s) is assigned to the task at the time it was closed
  • Lead Time (click on each person to view): This shows the time it took for the task to be completed since the task was created

Worked On

This is the best place to dive in and take a look at the tasks each person has been active in.

Workspace Points

See who's communicating efficiently, checking their tasks, and providing the most output in any area of your Workspace.

  • Cleared Notifications: The total number of notifications cleared
  • Comments Added: Number of comments added to tasks that fit your filters
  • Resolved: The number of resolved comments 
  • Completed: Closed tasks that were assigned to the user
  • Worked on: Number of tasks that a user has logged any activity in
  • Totals: The numbers from each column added together

Who's Behind

See who's behind on notifications and overdue tasks in any area of your Workspace.

  • It's an excellent way to hold your colleagues accountable for clearing their notifications and completing overdue tasks
  • Note that total uncleared notifications and total overdue tasks are representative of a current state so there is no need or option to filter based on time period

Time Estimated

Quickly view time as a team resource for planning projects.

  • The time remaining indicator calculates (time estimated) - (time logged) to determine whether or not your goals are on schedule
  • This report does not provide a time period filter. Time estimated is not inherently related to exact dates. Therefore, adding a time period filter for this feature would render its comparison with the time tracked feature useless.
  • This widget also gives you the ability to export much more data.

Time Tracked

See a total how much time each person in your Workspace has tracked.

  • With cumulative time tracking logs for each Workspace user, there’s accurate information on how time consuming a List of tasks has been
  • This includes time tracked manually and automatically, such as with the ClickUp Chrome extension, Toggl and Harvest
  • Export the data for even more information

How to Build a Table Widget

  1. Select the Location: Select one or multiple Spaces, Folders, or Lists within your Workspace
  2. Set the Time Range (only applicable on Reporting widgets): View all tags used within this year, month, week or a custom time frame. Choose if you want to view changes by days, weeks, or months
  3. Set the Subtasks: Toggle subtasks to be included or excluded from the chart
  4. Include Archived: Toggle archived tasks to be included or excluded 
  5. Show Breadcrumbs: Toggle breadcrumbs to display on the tasks listed
  6. Show Subtask Parent Names: Toggle on to display task names when clicking into individual numbers
  7. Add a Filter: Add additional filters to further adjust the scope of your widget
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