Priority widgets are part of our Dashboards feature - giving you charts that focus on task priority like Urgent, High, Normal, and Low. If you need further customization, check out our Custom widgets available on our Business Plan.

Available Widgets

  • Priority Breakdown
  • Priority Overtime
  • Total Urgent Tasks
  • Total High Tasks
  • Total Normal Tasks
  • Total Low Tasks
  • Total No Priority Tasks

How Priority Widgets Work

Priority Breakdown

View your tasks broken down by priority in three different display options:

  1. Pie chart
  2. Battery chart
  3. Bar chart

Priority Over Time

See how many tasks fall under each priority over a specific range of time. 

Total Tasks by Priority

Select which priority you want to see the total number of tasks for in a certain location.

  1. Urgent
  2. High
  3. Normal
  4. Low
  5. No Priority

How to Build a Priorities Widget

  1. Select the Location: Select one or multiple Spaces, Folders, or Lists within your Workspace
  2. Set the Time Range (Only applicable if using the Priority Over Time widget): View all tasks within this year, month, week or a custom time frame. Choose if you want to view changes by days, weeks, or months 
  3. Set the Subtasks: Toggle subtasks to be included or excluded from the chart
  4. Add a Filter: Add additional filters to further adjust the scope of your widget
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