Tag widgets are part of our Dashboards feature - giving you a visual of how tags are used in your Workspace. If you need further customization, check out the Custom widgets available on a Business Plan.

Available Widgets

  • Tag Usage
  • Tag Usage Over Time

How Tags Widgets Work

Tag Usage

View which tags are used across any location in three different display options:

  1. Pie chart
  2. Battery chart
  3. Bar chart

Tag Usage Over Time

See how many tags are used in any location over a specific range of time.

How to Build a Tags Widget

  1. Select the Location: Select one or multiple Spaces, Folders, or Lists within your Workspace
  2. Set the Time Range (only applicable if using the Tags Usage Over Time widget): View all tags used within this year, month, week or a custom time frame. Choose if you want to view changes by days, weeks, or months
  3. Set the Subtasks: Toggle subtasks to be included or excluded from the chart
  4. Add a Filter: Add additional filters to further adjust the scope of your widget
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