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How to add a Form View

  1. Open your desired Space, Folder, or List
  2. Add a new view with the + button
  3. Select Form 

Note: Creating a Form view on a List will use that List as the destination. Creating a form on a Folder or Space will prompt you to select a List.

Building a Form

  1. Give your Form a name and description
  2. Drag any field in the left panel into your Form
  3. Rename any field by clicking on its title
    - This will only affect the public view and will not change the actual custom field's name
  4. Teams on the Business Plan are able to customize the text shown when a user completes the Form

Supported Field Types

Task Fields

  • Task Name
  • Task Description
  • Priority
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Attachment

Custom Fields

  • Text
  • Long text
  • Website
  • Dropdown
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Date
  • Checkbox
  • Number
  • Money
  • Labels
  • Rating
  • Location
  • Files
  • People
  • Progress (manual)

Field Options

Customize your Form submissions with additional options, like hidden fields, automatically assigning submissions to someone in your Workspace, and even add your company branding!

These options are exclusive to the Business Plan. To learn about our different plans, click here.

Hidden Fields: Do you already know your respondent’s name, email, or other information? With Hidden fields, you can feed this right into your Form so respondents can skip filling out this information. 

Simply mark any email, text, URL, and number fields as hidden and they will be captured through your unique URL or embed code.

Add Form Label/Response to Task Description: In addition to displaying a label and response as a custom field, you can add the information into the task description! This adds more visibility and is useful for search as well as handling a high volume of forms when you need to merge similar requests together.

Configuring a Form 

The configurations panel can be toggled on and off using the cogwheel in the top right corner. 

Configuration options include:

  • List to save tasks: Select which List you want your responses to go to
  • Task template: Choose a default template to use with each form submission. With this, any fields that are filled out using the Form will be inherited from the template that you choose. 
  • Assignee: Choose the default Assignees for each form submission
  • Redirect URL: Option to redirect a user to a URL instead of showing the response message
  • Avatar: Upload an image to include at the top of your Form
  • Theme: Customize to match your brand!
  • Primary color: Choose what color you want buttons to be
  • ClickUp branding: Use ClickUp branding on public forms
  • Add all answers to the description of task: Include all responses in a task description
  • Keep fields full-width: Maintain full-width drop-downs when publishing
  • Add reCAPTCHA to form: Protect your Form from fraud and abuse!

Previewing Forms

Toggle between editing and viewing your Form with the preview switch at the top of your Form editor. You can even submit the Form from the preview modal for quick testing!

Sharing, Embedding, & Exporting Forms

Easily share your forms with anyone by copying the direct link and sharing it with them. 

You may also build the form into a page via the HTML code through the EMBED CODE  section.

Note: For security reasons, the redirect URL will not work on an embedded form.

Separate the tasks generated by a Form from other tasks you're working on with the Form view export button. In one click you can download just the Form results as a CSV file!

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