Dashboards are the best way to build high-level views of everything going on in your Workspace!

Create your own mission control center for your entire team for things like Sprint tracking, epics, high-level initiatives, team planning, and literally anything your creative mind can do. 

Use customizable widgets, the building blocks of Dashboards, to give you valuable insight into tasks, Sprints, projects, people, Goals and Targets, and so much more. 

Plus, you can even add rich text blocks, conversations, and embed anything inside of your Dashboards. 

Note: Free Forever plans are limited to 100 uses of Dashboards

dashboard showing multiple custom widgets

Eventually, Dashboards will replace our Reporting and Portfolio features. We are building Dashboards to be flexible and allow you to see your information in a way that makes the most sense to you! Goals V2 are also being designed to work with your Sprints and Dashboards.

Prefer not to use Dashboards?

Dashboards are available in every new Workspace by default, but you can easily turn them off in your ClickApps settings.

How to Create a Dashboard

  1. Click the Dashboards icon in your sidebar

  2. Click the  +  to add a new Dashboard

  3. Click + Add Widget to bring in your data

creating a new dashboard

Types of Widgets

View and Edit Dashboards

To help prevent accidental changes to Dashboards, we've introduced view and edit modes to Dashboards!

  • View: Your Dashboards are view only. You can refresh a Dashboard, and view a Dashboard or individual widgets in full-screen mode. You can't add, edit, resize, or move widgets

  • Edit: You can edit and share Dashboards. You can add, edit, resize, and move widgets

Screenshot of a Dashboard highlighting the Editing and Viewing buttons


Sort Bar Charts and Battery Charts so you can interpret and present your data with confidence. The default sorting of statuses and Custom Fields will match how they're sorted in your Workspace.

To access both sorting and filtering, hover over the top right corner of the chart.

Note: Sorting is not currently available for Bar Charts with the x-axis set to Time


Add task filters to Dashboard widgets to show the data that matters!

Task List widget with a filter to show tasks where the Status is 'In Progress'

Historical data and Filters

Where our Dashboard widgets show tasks over a period of time, tasks that meet the criteria today will be included. Their historical information (such as Status) may vary from the filter criteria.

For example: A task was waiting in the To do status for 10 days before being updated to In Progress.

Adding a filter for Status is In Progress will include that task in the data on Dashboard widgets, which will reflect that it was in the To do status for those first 10 days.

Refresh a Dashboard

You can refresh your Dashboard to make sure the data displayed is current.

Click on the refresh button at the top right to refresh your Dashboard immediately.

Set a refresh interval by clicking on the clock icon and selecting from the following options:

  • Manual Only

  • 5 minutes

  • 15 minutes

  • 30 minutes

  • 60 minutes

Screenshot of a Dashboards highlighting the option to refresh or set a refresh rate

Note: Refresh intervals are set just for your user account, while you are viewing a Dashboard, and start when you select one of the available interval options.

Sharing & Permissions

All Dashboards are private by default and only visible to you, but you have the option to share Dashboards with anyone on your team!

Dashboards are considered Private unless they are made public and shared with everyone in your Workspace!

Only Dashboards that are public to your Workspace will be listed under the Shared Dashboards section, and anyone that has access may edit the Dashboard.

Note: Dashboards that are made public to the Workspace will grant every member full access by default. Guests can only have view-only permissions.

How to share your Dashboard

  1. In a Dashboard, click Private in the upper right

  2. Invite others to the Dashboard or make it public to your Workspace

  3. Choose what permission everyone has on a per-user level

Select from the following permissions:

  • Full Edit: Can edit and delete Dashboard

  • Can Edit: Can add and edit widgets

  • Can View: Can view and comment only

Note: Dashboards that are made public to the Workspace will grant every member full access by default. Guests can only have view-only permissions.

Screenshot of the sharing modal highlighting the option to see and edit who has access to the Dashboard

Important: How private data is handled when you don't have access

When private tasks you don't have access to exist in the scope of a widget, the data displayed in that widget will be limited.

This may cause people in your Workspace to see slightly different information in a widget.

Mobile Dashboards

Access your Dashboards from your mobile device, on the Legacy 2.0 app, to track high-level progress on the go! Dashboards on mobile apps are currently accessible as view-only.

how dashboards are seen in the lagacy 2.0 app

Dashboard widgets available on each plan

Unlimited Plan

  • Portfolio

  • Time Reporting

  • Time Estimated (legacy)

  • Time Tracked (legacy)

  • Worked on

  • Workspace points

  • Who's behind

Business Plan

  • Bar Chart

  • Battery

  • Billable Time

  • Calculation

  • Line Chart

  • Pie Chart

  • Priority over time

  • Sprint Widgets

  • Status over time

  • Tag usage over time

  • Time Sheet

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