ClickUp's Zendesk Integration lets you bring tasks and tickets together! Quickly link, create, and jump between tasks in ClickUp and tickets in Zendesk!

How to Install

  1. Open Zendesk Marketplace 

  2. Click the install button

  3. Add the ClickUp App

  4. Open an existing ticket in Zendesk

  5. Click Apps in the upper righthand corner

  6. Open the ClickUp app

  7. Follow the login instructions to link your Workspace(s)

What you can do

Linking Tasks

Attach any number of ClickUp tasks to a ticket in Zendesk for easy reference to task status and ID. Once attached hover over the task to quickly open it in ClickUp or Unlink it.

  1. Under the Link tab in ClickUp's Zendesk App, click  Attach to task 

  2. Search and select the task you want to link to 

  3. Click Link task 

Creating a Task

Quickly add ticket information into your ClickUp tasks, assign members, and set due dates all within Zendesk.

  1. Open the New task  tab in ClickUp's Zendesk App

  2. Optional: Click Add Ticket to copy information to your task or write it in yourself

  3. Click Create New Task to automatically create and link your task to the ticket

Viewing your linked task in ClickUp

When you create or link a ticket to a task it will automatically add a link back to the Zendesk ticket in your ClickUp task.

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