Take your Docs and pages outside of ClickUp! Export and upload your content into other apps and systems.

Pro tip: Want to bring your content into ClickUp? Learn how to import into Docs.

What you'll need

  • All ClickUp Plans allow you to export an unlimited number of Docs

  • Guests can always export pages and Docs

  • You can export a protected Doc or page

Supported file formats

Export file formats include

Note: Embedded content is not included when exporting a Doc to PDF.

Export a page or Doc

Export one page, or all pages.

  1. Access the exports & imports settings menu

    • Either open the settings sidebar and click on the exports & imports icon

    • or click on the exports & imports icon from the quick access sidebar

  2. Select your Export options to include This Page or All Pages

  3. Click the file format to export and download the file

Screenshot of the export options available

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