Views are the secret sauce in ClickUp! 

Each view provides a unique perspective on your work: visualize tasks on a list, board, or a calendar, see their interconnectedness on Gantt View, or take a look at how work is distributed among team members in Box View.

Each view is grouped by type. For example, if you have multiple List views in one Folder, all the List views are in one tab. This allows teams with a large amount of views to quickly find what they want without searching through an endless row of views - simply click the container to expand and select your view.

Pin the views you use most for quick access!

Task Views

Task views are different ways of viewing tasks. 

They give you completely unique views to visualize your tasks. With different ways of grouping, sorting, and filtering, you get complete control of how you see your tasks. 

Plus, you can save your views for everyone else to see!

List View: The most common way to easily manage and prioritize your tasks!

List View is a required task view provided for every Space, Folder, and List in ClickUp. It’s the most flexible view in terms of grouping, sorting, and filtering.

Board View: Board View is the go-to view for agile teams, but every user can utilize the convenience offered!

This view lets you visualize tasks by status in a pipeline for drag and drop usability. This allows you to easily move tasks through your workflow.

Calendar View: It's about time that someone combines everything you need related to time in one platform! 

ClickUp's Calendar View is your place for planning, scheduling, and resource management. Sync your Google Calendar and more!

Box View: Box View gives you insight into what people are working on, what they have done, and who needs more tasks or has too many.

This is great for project managers to keep their team on track!

Gantt View: We heard you! We built our own beautiful Gantt View so you can plan out projects, manage time spent, and dictate deadlines.

Stay tuned for Gantt View 2.0 coming soon!

Page Views

Page views let you add additional resources alongside your tasks. Here we'll discuss each type of page view and what's to come.

Conversation View: Conversation Views are where you'll chat about items unrelated to a specific task. These give you all the same power of attachments, notifications, unfurled task links, and more with the extra power of adding as many as you like to any location in ClickUp!

Doc View: Create, collaborate, and keep all of your work in one place by creating wikis and docs for whatever you're working on.

Each Doc View has rich editing and unlimited number of pages leading to endless possibilities for you to create!

Embed View: Share interactive items or content from other platforms right within ClickUp! Truly one app to replace them all 😉

All you need to do is paste a trusted URL or HTML link, and we'll automatically prompt you to embed! Use this to streamline your use of popular internet tools like Twitter, YouTube, Google Calendars, and more!

Form View: Streamline your intake process with Form view! Build unlimited forms to collect information and automatically create tasks in ClickUp!

Add new Form views in any List, Folder, or Space. Then, drag-and-drop fields to quickly create a form and start gathering data. 

Easily share your forms with anyone by copying the direct link or embed code to insert the form directly into your website! 

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