When tasks relate to each other (but aren't dependent), link them! This allows you to easily jump between similar tasks and ensure everyone has full visibility of everything relevant to their work. 

Option 1

  1. Open a task's Dependencies menu
  2. Select Link To 
  3. Add any tasks you want to link
  4. Click Done  
  5. A purple "linked" icon will appear on the tasks that are linked

Note: To remove a linked task, reopen the dependencies menu, hover over the linked task you wish to remove, and click x.

Option 2

  1. Open a List view
  2. Select multiple tasks
  3. Create links between using the Multitask Toolbar
  4. Choose to link all the tasks to each other or to one main task

Important Note: When linking tasks, they will not follow any rules that dependencies normally follow (for example, rescheduling dependencies). 


  1. When working on a wireframe, create a task link with a content task in order to quickly reference the updates to any new sections that may need graphics. 
  2. When preparing a meeting, create task links to the tasks you referenced in the meeting so people can quickly find what you were referring to. 
  3. When working with a client, associate all related tasks to that client to quickly reference their needs. 
  4. When dealing with a customer issue, associate all support tasks for an easy reference. 

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