Assign Comments

If your comment requires effort from anyone in your Workspace, simply assign it! This creates a new required item for the assignee to complete before the task can be closed.

Pro Tip: Assign threaded replies as well so action items never get lost!

Thread Comments

Organize your task, image, and Doc comments by nesting your replies with threaded comments!

Threaded comments work by starting a completely new conversation right underneath a parent comment for a more focused discussion.

Soon, threaded comments will be available everywhere in ClickUp, like in Chat views and Dashboards. ๐Ÿ˜ If you don't want to use threaded comments, simply turn off the ClickApp!

Quote Comments

Keep conversations organized by highlighting text to reply to specific parts of a comment! This is especially useful if someone asks you multiple questions in a comment or there's lots of activity in your task.ย 

Rich Text in Comments

Providing as much information as you can to your teammates ensures expectations are clear and tasks are completed as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.

Click and drag your cursor over text while creating a comment to reveal your editing choices.

You can also:

  • embed

  • attach files

  • tag other users

  • mention another task

  • use emojis ๐Ÿ˜„

Reference comments in ClickUp to share information with people anywhere.

Simply copy the comment URL from the ... ย menu.

As long as the person has access to the task, they will be directed to the highlighted comment from the link.

React to Comments

Give reactions to comments using one (or more) emojis to express exactly how you're feeling. ๐Ÿ˜„ Reactions quickly communicate acknowledgment and understanding whenever your colleagues update a task.

Comment Reminders

Notifications piling up? Never forget about a comment again! Use the Remind me option on any comment to turn the text into a Reminder. The Reminder will live in your Inbox and appear on the date you select!

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