Email + ClickUp V2 (send from ANY email) 

ClickUp now offers TONS of flexibility when it comes to email:

  • Now, send from any address to add tasks, comments, and attachments to ClickUp

  • Add tags and assignees to your email's subject line to add even more detail to your tasks
    - Just use <assign me> , <assign>, <tag tag_name> in the subject line
    - You can use any of the tags more than once to add multiple assignees or tags!

  • Images in an email's body will also be added to your tasks as attachments

  • Even reply to task notifications from Apple Mail

Desktop App: Push Notifications

  • Finally, receive alerts right to your desktop. Get started with the desktop app today! 

  • Desktop notifications are enabled through the browser options here:

[NEW] Microsoft Teams Add-in

ClickUp's add in provides three incredible tools to connect your Microsoft Teams account with your work in ClickUp!

1. Notifications

  • Notifications work by subscribing to a specific Space, Folder, or List in ClickUp. Any new comments, attachments, status changes, and assignee updates are then sent directly into your Microsoft Teams channel.

  • Rich unfurling lets your teammates know which task you're discussing by adding details to a ClickUp link shared in your channel.

3. Messaging extension

  • Easily find and attach a task right into any Microsoft Teams conversation.

[NEW] Google Hangouts Chat

Get notified about task activity straight to the Hangouts room of your choice!

Receive notifications on: 

  • Task created

  • Assignee changed

  • Status changed

  • New attachment

  • New comment

Emoji Picker V2

We know, our old emojis kinda sucked... that's why you have to check out our official emoji picker and start adding them to your conversations!


Embedding: Size Updates

List View
: Combined Export & Settings Buttons

Copy to Clipboard Feature: Status is now an option

Multitask Toolbar: Unassign is now an option

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