Spaces always have only one owner. By default, the person that creates a Space is the owner.

If you have permission, you'll be able to change the Space owner from the Space settings modal, or from the Space settings page.

How does permission work?

If you're an admin or owner, you'll be able to transfer ownership of Spaces that you have access to, and you will have oversight of spaces from the Spaces page available on your avatar menu.

Inaccessible Spaces will be available to transfer if the owner of the Space has been removed as a member of your Workspace.

Settings sidebar menu with Spaces selected and options to see Spaces, Archived Spaces, Inaccessible Spaces

If you're a member, you are able to transfer ownership of Spaces that you created.

On the Enterprise Plan, owners have the option to allow admins to add/remove people from Spaces. This is accessible through Advanced Permissions.

What does ownership mean in Spaces?

  • If you'd like to leave a private Space or hide it from your sidebar without deleting the Space, you'll need to transfer ownership first.

  • If someone else in your Workspace needs permission to delete or archive a Space, they'll need to be made its owner.

  • If you're a normal member who owns a Space, you will now have access to some additional features like changing the Space's icon/color and Custom fields.

How to Change Space Ownership

  1. Click the ... to open your Space's dropdown menu

  2. Click Space settings

  3. Select who you would like to be the new Owner!

Sidebar with Space ellipses menu showing Space settings

Space settings options including Space name, Owner, Avatar, Shared with

Pro tip: Transfer Space ownership on the go using our Mobile app!

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