Rollup Time Tracked & Estimated [ClickApp]

When these ClickApps are enabled, a task will show the sum of all time estimated/tracked on its subtasks plus the time estimated/tracked on the task itself.

For example:

  • Task: 1 hour

  • Subtask: 1 hour

With this ClickApp enabled, the time shown on the task will be a combination of these: 2 hours.

Learn how the Time Estimates Rollup works.

Learn how the Time Tracking Rollup works.

Change a Space's Owner

Spaces always have only one owner. By default, the person that creates a Space is the owner.

If you have permission, you're now able to change the Space owner from the Space settings modal, or from the Space settings page.

New Integrations


  • Connect OneDrive to quickly attach files to ClickUp!

  • Keep track of errors by creating and linking ClickUp tasks to Sentry


  • Message When Dragging Tasks in Board View
    If you are trying to adjust tasks to different statuses in Board View, you will receive a message at the bottom of your screen to notify you that unrelated statuses are hidden.

  • Sidebar Page Views Now Sorted by Date Updated

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