ClickUp 2.0 has introduced tons of new features, and while we want to make everything convenient, we have to avoid that overwhelming feeling you get using other tools in the productivity market. 

To do so, we built a few layout options that change a bit of the size and style.

Layout Style

Modern is our recommended layout style. Here, everything is located in a single navigation sidebar, giving back screen space. With no more division between Spaces, Folders, or Lists, it's the easiest way to find your work. 

Original is the Classic ClickUp 2.0 layout with your Inbox and Favorites on the left side of the top purple bar and notifications on the right. Spaces are unique items to the far-left of the screen and clicking one gives you access to only the Folders and Lists it contains. Views all "float" nicely alongside each-other, but there's not much separation.

Clean is, of course, cleaner and more condensed than Original, but it uses the same Space, Folder, and List structure. Here, the purple menu bar is missing from the top of the screen, and Inbox, Favorites, and notifications can all be found to the far-left above your Spaces. The separation between views is also more defined. 

How to make the switch

  1. Click the Sidebar settings through the Space settings cog
  2. Select Layout size & style 
  3. Choose your preferred layout!

Layout Size

Easily enlarge ClickUp's interface to simplify what you're viewing. Conversely, make the Dashboard size more compact to see more at once.

  1. Click the Sidebar settings  through the Space settings cog
  2. Select Layout size & style  
  3. Choose your preferred size!

Dashboard size options:

  1. Compact
  2. Default
  3. Large

Letting us know your thoughts

We'd love to get your thoughts on the new design! Please feel free to share your feedback!

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