Create reminders that repeat themselves on a schedule with recurring reminders! 

How to create a Recurring Reminder

  1. Create a reminder
    - In your inbox
    - Through the create button in the lower right corner of your dashboard
    - Hit r on your keyboard from anywhere
  2. Click the clock icon
  3. Click Recur 
  4. Create a schedule

Using Recurring Reminders

  1. Choose the schedule of your reminder
  2. Preview on the calendar to be sure it's set correctly 
  3. Save and click Done to set the recurrence

Scheduling Options

  • Daily - Reminder will recur every day with the option to skip weekends
  • Weekly - Recurs once a week on the day you choose
  • Monthly - Option to recur on the same day each month that you've chosen, a select week day of the month (such as the first Friday), the 1st of the month, or the last calendar date in the month (such as Sept 30 followed by Oct 31).  
  • Yearly - Recurs once a year on the day you choose
  • Periodically- Recurs a certain number of days after the reminder has been marked complete
  • Custom - Indicate if the reminder should repeat every few days, on select days in the week, select weeks in the month, or select days of the year

Recurrence Length 

  • Forever - The recurrence will continue indefinitely
  • Repeat - Set how many times this reminder will recur
  • End on - Set a final date for the recurrences to happen

PRO TIP: Set recurring by typing natural language like 'every day'

You can set up recurring reminders even faster with natural language. Just type in your desired schedule in the due date section of your recurrence menu:


  • Every Monday at 9 am
  • On Thursdays
  • Until September 23rd
  • For 3 weeks

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