Get notifications, rich unfurling, and task searching all inside Microsoft Teams when you use the ClickUp add-on!

Note: You must have a ClickUp account to use the Microsoft Teams integration.

How to install the ClickUp and Microsoft Teams integration

  1. Visit the apps section of Microsoft Teams
  2. Search for ClickUp
  3. Click to open the app details
  4. Click Add to install
  5. Connect your ClickUp Workspace
  6. All set! You've added ClickUp to your Microsoft Team.

ClickUp will show as available in all teams, chats, and channels. To see ClickUp notifications, each channel will need to be configured individually (you'll need to add a ClickUp connector to the channel).

Note: Microsoft Team owners have the ability to restrict external apps. If you're not able to find and add ClickUp, request it from your Team owner! Some apps can only be added by the Team owner due to additional permission requirements.

How to use this integration

1. Notifications

Notifications work by subscribing to a specific Space, Folder, or List in ClickUp. Any new comments, attachments, status changes, and assignee updates are then sent directly into your Microsoft Teams channel.

  1. Open a channel's ... menu
  2. Click Connectors
  3. Configure ClickUp
  4. Select a Space
  5. Optionally, choose a specific Folder or List
  6. Click Save and check for the confirmation below

2. Unfurled ClickUp Links

Rich unfurling lets your teammates know which task you're discussing by adding details to a ClickUp link shared in your channel.

  1. Open a channel
  2. Paste a ClickUp task link
  3. Click the expand button in the top right of the message for even more detail

3. Messaging extension

Easily find and attach a task right into any Microsoft Teams conversation.

  1. Click the ClickUp Add-In icon in a channel
  2. Search for a task
  3. Select the task to unfurl its details into the channel

Note: When you connect Microsoft Teams and ClickUp, you'll have to set up your connecter for each channel that you would like to see ClickUp notifications on.

Bring your ClickUp Workspace into Teams

Add task views right into Microsoft Teams by embedding public read-only views from your ClickUp Workspace! Here's how:

  1. Set up a publicly-shared item or view in ClickUp
  2. In Teams, click the + to create a website tab
  3. Paste the link for your publicly shared view into the website tab
  4. Click Save. You can opt to simply add the tab, or post in the channel so others are notified

Anyone with access to that tab in Teams will be able to see your shared ClickUp view!

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