Add ClickUp to Microsoft Teams to get notifications from ClickUp, enrich links to ClickUp, and show ClickUp tasks inside of Microsoft Teams.

Note: You must have a ClickUp account to use the Microsoft Teams integration.

How to install the ClickUp + Microsoft Teams integration 

Select your channel to integrate ClickUp and select "Connectors"

Select "ClickUp" in the list and click "Configure"

Select your Team, Space, Folder, List and the type of actions you'd like to receive notifications on:

All set! You've added ClickUp to your Microsoft Team.

How it works

1. Notifications

Actions in ClickUp will post a message to your Microsoft Teams channel. Here is an example of a new task being created:

2. Enrich ClickUp links that you post (unfurling)

After connecting your ClickUp account to Microsoft Teams, links posted in a message in will expand with more information about the task.

To get more information, click the expand button in the top right of the message.

3. Messaging extension

Easily attach a task to your message. Click the ClickUp icon in the toolbar to search and add a task to your message

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