Have you created an awesome List or Folder your proud of? Share it with the world!

Submit your List or Folder as a template to be published live in ClickUp for over 50,000 teams around the world to use!


  • If you'd like to make edits to your Folder/List before submitting, make a copy, make changes to the copy, and submit the copy.

Here's how it works:

Click this link to start the submission form

For the "Template Sharing Link" question:

  1. Go to the template manager (from the + button on a Space)
  2. Find the template and toggle the Public Sharing option
  3. Copy the public sharing URL and use it as the answer

Let us know if you'd like to be given a public shoutout if we select your template!

Templates submitted here will be reviewed by our expert team. Once your template has been approved, we'll share your setup with the ClickUp community at large to help the world be more productive!

You can see the templates people have already shared here.

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