Views are the secret sauce in ClickUp! Each view provides a unique perspective on your work: visualize tasks on a list,  boards, or a calendar, see their interconnectedness on a Gantt chart, or take a look at how work is distributed among team members in Box view. These are called task views, and each one gives you amazing task management power! 

How Views Work

Depending on where you are in your Workplace, you’ll see different views at the top of your screen. At any time, you can add a new Task or Page view by clicking the “+” sign! 

Required views 

Choose which Task views will be most useful for a Space, and provide quick, consistent access for all users! Required views anchor each user's views on the very left of their collection. 

List view is always required and the other Task views can be activated through the Space settings. If you want to apply a custom look to the required views in a Space, use a default view template!

Pro-tip: you can use hotkeys to jump between any Required Views in a Space!
     l for List View
     b for Board View
     x for Box View
     c for Calendar View

Task and Page views

Task views provide completely different styles of visualizing your tasks. For each view there are different ways of grouping, sorting, and filtering, putting you in complete control of how you see and interact with your tasks!

To increase efficiency, you can create multiple views of the same type and save them

Pro-tip: Name each view to reflect its purpose or intended use. Example: 'Due' For a list view sorted by due date. Or 'Important' for a board view that is filtered to show only high priority flags. 

Saving changes made to a Task view

If you make changes to a view, you can choose to save the changes from time to time, or turn on autosave view to continuously save and maintain view changes as you go. 

Task view options

Click on the ellipses ... next to a Task View to see its options menu:

  • Rename - think about giving each view a name that will help others understand when to use that view
  • Default for everyone (Business plan) - make a default Task or Page view for anyone visiting a Space, Folder or List
  • Use Me mode for everyone - anytime someone comes to this view, they'll only see the tasks that are assigned to them
  • Reset view to defaults - clears all filters and view specifications
  • Templates - save a Task View so you can reuse it in the future
  • Personal view (Business plan) - great when you have a view that you find super helpful for personal use. 
  • Protect  view (Business plan) - Protecting a view locks everything in place to prevent accidental changes. You can even leave a note explaining to others why you protected the view.
  • Add to favorites 

Page Views

Conveniently add the resources you use most right into your ClickUp workflow! Page Views allow for a more focused experience by making useful tools easily accessible. At any time, you can add a new Page view by clicking the “+” 

  • Embed via URL or HTML. Share interactive items or content from other platforms right within ClickUp! All you need to do is paste a trusted link, and we'll automatically prompt you to embed! Use this to streamline your use of popular internet tools like Twitter, YouTube, Google Calendars, and more!
  • Docs allow you to create full length docs, wikis, and knowledge bases anywhere in ClickUp. Each Doc view has rich editing and unlimited number of pages leading to endless possibilities for you to create! 
  • Conversation views are where you'll chat about items unrelated to a specific task. These give you all the same power of attachments, notifications, unfurled task links, and more with the extra power of adding as many as you like to any location in ClickUp!
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