The ClickUp Hangouts Chat integration makes it easy to be notified about activity on your tasks!

Setting up the integration

To get started, add @ClickUp to your Hangouts channel!

Mention @ClickUp in a message or search for us in Find a bot.

Once added, click Link with ClickUp to connect your ClickUp account.

Hangouts Chat Notifications

Instantly send notifications about ClickUp tasks to the Hangouts room of your choice.

Receive these types of notifications:

  • Task created
  • Assignee changed
  • Status changed
  • New attachment
  • New comment

Create a New Notification

  1. Select the Hangouts integration
  2. + Add Notification 
  3. Specify the Space, Folder, and List you want notifications from
  4. Chose which Room you want these notifications to go to

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