Paid Workspaces can calculate numeric fields in List view and Table view to find their sum, average or range!

  1. Enable your desired columns in List & Table view by clicking on the plus sign

  2. Hover under a row of tasks and click calculate to find the fields' sum, average or range

Screenshot of column calculations

This will work for both standard fields (ex: time logged, time estimated), as well as numeric custom fields that you create.

Once you add a calculation, you'll see results for each group in List & Table view, as well as a calculation for the entire column: 

Screenshot of total estimated time in column calculations

How to calculate an entire column

Eliminate grouping and just see one calculation for your entire column!

  1. Click on a column header in List & Table view to apply sorting

  2. Choose sort entire column 

Screenshot of sorting an entire column for time estimated

3. You can then add a calculation for your entire column!

Screenshot of entire column calculation

Other places where you can calculate fields

If you're interested in exploring calculated fields outside of List & Table view, be sure to check out our Dashboards and Portfolio features!

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