Work offline from anywhere! Tasks stay in sync as soon as you get a connection.

✅ Web
✅ Desktop
✅ iOS (Legacy 2.0 app)
✅ Android (Legacy 2.0 app)

Create Tasks Offline

When ClickUp detects that you're offline, we'll tell you in the bottom left corner, but you're still able to create tasks!

When you connect again, the new task(s) will be sent to your team immediately!

Plus, you can view any tasks that have been loaded recently even while you're offline.

View Tasks Offline

If you've already viewed a task, ClickUp remembers it. These tasks are then available to view even when your wifi connection is down.

PRO TIP: To ensure that you can access tasks offline, add tasks to your Tray! ClickUp automatically stores data offline for all tasks in your tray!

Create Reminders & Sync Inbox

Load your Inbox offline and create reminders while offline - they'll automatically sync as soon as you're back online. 


View your notes offline! But keep in mind, you'll need an internet connection for changes to save. 

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