Moving a view from one location to another in ClickUp is easy! 

When you have filters, sorting, grouping, etc. set up on your Task View and want to move the view to another location, just move it!

This also works for Page Views (except for Form view). Need to move your Doc, Chat, or Embed view to another location? No problem!

Note: Required views cannot be moved. Instead, you can use default view templates to use the same required view throughout your Workspace.

How to move views

  1. Click on the view settings ellipsis

  2. Click on Move

  3. Choose a new location:

    1. Everything view: adds the view to the Everything level

    2. Space, Folder, or List: allows you to select the Space, Folder, or List to move your view to

  4. Click Move view

Your view will automatically update to reflect the tasks that exist in the new location, but keeps the same filters, preferences, and settings!

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