Save a view and quickly re-use it across any Space, Folder, or List in your Workspace.

Plus, you can even set who has access to Templates!

Which templates do I have access to? Does everyone have access to templates I create? 

You'll see any templates that have been shared with you - or templates that you created yourself. By default, a template is shared with all members of your Workspace. You'll decide who has access to a template when you save the template. 

How to Save a View Template

  1. Open any View's ... menu
  2. Click Templates 
  3. Click Save as a Template 
  4. Create a new template or save over an existing template
  5. Choose who you want to share this template with

Note: Tasks are not saved in view templates. To save tasks, use task templates.

How to Load a View Template

To load a template, you first need to create a view. After you create a view, you'll be able to load any templates that are the same view type. 

  1. Open any View's ... menu
  2. Click Templates  
  3. Click Load a Template 
  4. Select a template from the list

Default View Templates

Set default views in a Space by choosing a template. When new views are created, they'll also use the template's view by default.

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