Custom Fields give ClickUp tasks unlimited flexibility and let you add tons of rich information to your views. Let's take a look at all of the different types of custom fields you have at your disposal.


A simple true  or false  checkbox.

gif showing checkbox custom field being checked


Add a custom date to your task, including a specific time.

gif showing a date being chosen on a calendar picker

Use dropdowns to give consistent options on your tasks! You can even colorize the dropdown labels.

gif showing 3 colored options for a dropdown custom field


Track clients, vendors, leads, and more by associating emails with tasks.


Add and organize files directly from a List view. Attach one or multiple files to a column, or create multiple columns to fit your workflow! 

gif showing file selector menu and an image being added


Make calculations between numeric custom fields on a task using both simple and advanced formulas. The simple version is meant for quick calculations of values, while advanced formulas can be enabled to create complex calculations.

gif showing a calculation in formula field for rate multiplied by hours


Add one or more labels with colors!


Add any address to your tasks. Simply begin typing to pull in addresses and places searchable via Google Maps - great for building out Lists of clients, vendors, or anything else you need a location for! Bring each of these locations together in a Map view for greater visualization.

gif showing an address being entered into Location custom field

Long & Short Text

Capture key information like names, locations, and anything small with Text. Use Long text  for notes or task details you'd like to see in List view


Add information such as budget, cost, or price.


Use number fields for accounting, inventory, or tracking.


Select from people in your Workspace.

Note: By default, existing People Custom Fields will have the Select Multiple People option automatically enabled. If you'd like to limit it to only allow one person, just uncheck the Select Multiple People option in the Edit Field settings modal.


Use ClickUp as a CRM by adding phone numbers.

Progress (Auto)

Automatically track completion of subtasks, checklists, and/or assigned comments.

Progress (Manual)

Manually track the progress of anything.


Use emojis to rate or rank.


Link to other ClickUp tasks.


Add links to websites that are associated with the task.

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