Personal views are only visible to you. If you don't need other people to access your view, then make it a personal view.

If you're on our Business Plan, you can make any Task view or Page view private to yourself. To do so, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ellipses ... next to the view

  2. Flip the toggle on for Personal view

Personal views are only visible to you. If you'd like to have your view grouped differently, or have a few filters applied, you can use personal views! To do this, duplicate the view, and change it to personal. You'll end up with your own personal version, without changing the view for others!

Keep in mind that you can still share your personal view with a public link or embed code by clicking Share. You can learn more about publicly sharing views here!

On Enterprise Plans, avoid unnecessary views for the team with an enormous amount of people by enabling the ClickApp to default new views to Personal.

Be sure to check out how to protect views if you want to prevent people from changing your views!

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