List view is the only required view for Spaces, Folders, and Lists

However, you can choose to add other required views for each of your Spaces!

You can even customize how those views are built each time they're created.

This means, you can have List, Board, Box and Calendars as required views, making them always visible when navigating to a Space/Folder/List. 

Required Views for Spaces

When creating a Space, you'll be asked if you want to enable a default Board, Calendar, Box or Gantt view.

You can even click the ellipses in a view's box to make it the default view for your Space:

Image shows ellipses menu and how to make a specific view the default

Note: List View is the heart of ClickUp and cannot be removed as a required view. 

Edit required views for existing Spaces

  1. Click the ellipses next to your desired Space

  2. Select  Space settings and Default settings for views

  3. Adjust required views as desired

How to set Default View Templates

Set default's for views in a Space by choosing a template. When new views are created, they'll also use the template's view by default.

  1. Open a Space's settings menu

  2. Click "Default settings for views"

  3. Click the "Default View Templates" tab

  4. Set view templates to each task view type

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