Enabling Okta SSO - Workspace

To enable Okta SSO for your Workspace, you'll first need to configure ClickUp in your Okta application dashboard. 

Retrieve ClickUp Configuration URL's

  1. As an admin or owner, visit your Workspace's settings

  2. Under the Single Sign-On section, click Okta to reveal a list of fields

  3. Keep this page open as you'll need these URLs to set up the Okta application

Configure Okta Application

  1. Navigate to your Okta dashboard and make sure that you are viewing the Classic UI

  2. Under the Applications tab, hit New Application and search for ClickUp  

  3. Add the application to your organization

  4. Click on the app you just created, navigate to the Sign On tab and click on the edit button

  5. Copy and paste the Audience URI (SP Entity ID) and the Single Sign-On URL that were provided to you in the previous step into the matching fields in the Okta configuration

  6. Click save

  7. Make sure to add yourself and any other Okta users who should have access to the application via the Assignments page

  8. Copy and paste the link labeled Identity Provider metadata inside the yellow box underneath 'View Setup Instructions'. You will need this URL in the next step

Complete Setup

  1. Paste the metadata URL you copied in the last section in the field labeled Identity Provider Metadata 

  2. Click Save 

  3. Sign in with the Okta account you want linked to your ClickUp account 

Confirm Setup

  1. Navigate to the user preferences page

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page

  3. A banner will indicate your account is successfully linked to Okta

Enforcing Okta SSO

Workspace admins will be able to control if Okta auth is required. When enforced, your Workspace will be prompted to link their Okta account to ClickUp the next time they try to sign in. At any time, you can check which users in your Workspace have linked their Okta accounts (seen in section below). 

When logging in, users will be forced to sign in with their Okta account in order to access your Workspace.

Enabling Okta SSO - User

Once a Workspace admin has enabled Okta SSO, each user must link their account to use it.

  1. Navigate to your Preferences

  2. Scroll down to Single Sign-On

  3. If the Workspace has had Okta SSO enabled successfully, an option to link the ClickUp account with an Okta account will be available 

  4. Hit Link to sign in with Okta

Signing in with Okta SSO

On the sign in page, if Okta SSO is required for the Workspace to sign in, the Login With Okta button will appear right after the user inputs their email. 

If SSO is not required for the Workspace, you can access this button by clicking Sign in with SSO button or by bookmarking https://app.clickup.com/login/sso as your login page.

How to check who in your Workspace is using SSO

Admins can easily see who all on their Workspace has linked their Okta account to ClickUp.

  1. Open your Workspace settings page

  2. Go to people 

  3. Users with an Okta icon have setup SSO

Okta support for Custom Roles

For Enterprise teams that rely on Okta for provisioning, Custom Roles fully integrate with Okta! Any role created in ClickUp can be added as an option within Okta, making it easy to integrate Custom Roles into existing workflows.

Learn how to use Okta for Custom Roles here.

Removing Okta from your account

  1. Go to your profile settings and scroll to the bottom

  2. Unlink you account

  3. Optional: Use the relink button to associate your ClickUp account with a different Okta account than is currently attached

If you have any questions regarding Okta SSO or how ClickUp can boost your Workspace's productivity, reach out to us anytime here

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