Export your List and Table views to an Excel or CSV file.

The Excel format will retain many styles as well as how your tasks are grouped in the view. This includes any custom status or drop-down colors. Your view's name and column calculations are also included in the export!

Note: This is a Business Plan feature, however every Workspace gets 5 view exports as a demonstration of the feature. You can export List view 5 times to CSV and/or Excel. You can also export Table view 5 times to CSV and/or Excel.

How to export

  1. Navigate to your List or Table view

  2. Click ... in the upper right corner of your screen to open View Settings

  3. Click Export view

  4. Select what to export

  5. Choose your file format

  6. If CSV is selected, you will see additional options for Date & Time formats

How to export List and Table view

Export Options

  • Visible columns : Only export information in the columns that you've enabled for this view

  • Task names only : Export a simple list of task names in this view

  • All columns: Export ALL data for tasks in your view, regardless of which columns you're viewing

  • In order to include subtasks, choose the "as separate tasks" option on your view. Then, a column with parent task ID will be included in your export

Date Format

  • Normal : Day, date, time, timezone offset

  • ISO (International Standard) : Year, month, day, (T) time

  • POSIX : The number of milliseconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970

Looking for another way to export the entirety of your Workspace's data? Check out our CSV Export feature.

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