Task views are different ways of viewing tasks. 

They give you completely unique views to visualize your tasks. With different ways of grouping, sorting, and filtering, you get complete control of how you see your tasks. 

Plus, you can save your views for everyone else to see. 

You'll start with List view and Board view to keep things simple, but you can change this at any time! You can even customize how they're built by default.

You can name views, drag and drop them, set them as defaults, and even protect them so no one makes unwanted changes!

How to add a Task view

All views are added by choosing +View in the Views Bar. 

  1. Click +View.

  2. Choose your view.

The Views Bar

How to add a task view

List view

List view is a required task view provided for every Space, Folder, and List in ClickUp. It’s the most flexible view in terms of grouping, sorting, and filtering. 

  • Group your tasks by status, assignee, priority, tag, or due date and choose the order of these groups

  • Show all subtasks under their parents, by themselves, or just keep them hidden. No more sorting and filtering to see subtasks

  • Add calculations to your columns. Have a column of time estimates? ClickUp will tell you the sum, average, or range of all estimated time in that column

  • Drag and drop columns to re-order your List View

  • Export all tasks in List view or just the ones you've filtered for. We even let you choose the date format in the export file

Board view

  • Group your task columns by status, assignee, priority, tag, or due date and choose the order of these groups

  • Show all subtasks under their parents, by themselves, or just keep them hidden. No more sorting and filtering to see subtasks

  • Show Custom Fields on tasks

Box view

  • Easily see who is overloaded and who needs more tasks

  • Manage workload and distribute action items by dragging and dropping

an example of what a box view looks like

Calendar view

  • Visualize your tasks in a traditional calendar

  • Sync tasks to Google Calendars

  • Set up a view so that you always come back to the same date
    - Perfect for planning a conference in the future

Gantt view

  • Visualize tasks and dependencies in a timeline 

  • Gantt view is built around the location you add the view to in the hierarchy
    - This is great when you want to see a gantt for a specific Folder or List

  • Identify slack time in addition to your critical path

  • Track Milestones

Activity view

  • See an aggregated view of all activity in any location

  • Filter for people and type of activity to get granular with what you see

  • Click into individual profiles to view what activity they've been up to!

Timeline view

  • Visualize your schedule linearly with flexible organization - Perfect for things like roadmaps, planning, and resource management!

  • Group by assignee to see tasks per person and show how booked a person is each day

  • Group by priority to see tasks overlapping and quickly slide things around

  • Group tasks by tags, custom fields, and more!

Workload view [ClickApp]

  • Visualize team capacity and manage resources

  • Set capacity for each person so everyone knows exactly what they're working on

  • Quickly see overburdened staff and re-allocate to those showing unused capacity

Mind Maps

  • Build a tree-like structure of any location in your Workspace to visualize hierarchy

  • Link tasks between any List and create, edit, and delete tasks (and subtasks) right from your view!

  • Use Blank mode for planning and organizing projects, ideas, or anything you can imagine

  • Create as many nodes as you like for reference points and quickly convert them to tasks in any List in your Workspace

Table view

  • Quickly navigate between fields, edit in bulk, and export data.

  • View every row as the same height, every field as a column, and by default, view without separation by List or status.

Map view

  • Use the Location Custom Field to clearly see where your tasks are located on a map

  • Customize pins to display the color of the task status, priority, or even a custom dropdown field.

How to move a view

  1. Move a view from the ellipses menu

how to move a view and the location options

How to set a Default view for a Space

  1. Open a Space's settings menu

  2. Click "View Settings"

  3. Click the "Default View Templates" tab

  4. Set view templates to each task view type

Have suggestions for new views? We'd love to hear about them here!

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