Note: These features are coming soon once we release ClickUp 2.0! For information on release timeframes and other FAQs about 2.0, please click here.

When you make changes to a task view, you can choose to save these changes for everyone else. 

This means that everyone else can see exactly what you see. 

You can even add settings like this as default settings for all views you create. Read more here!

You'll be asked to save layout changes when you do change things like:

  1. Sorting
  2. Columns 
  3. Assignees
  4. Filters
  5. Grouping
  6. Collapsing groups 

Auto save layout

If you choose to save a layout, you also have the option to auto save layout changes. With this enabled, any changes you make will be saved automatically without you having to click 'save' changes. 

How to Save Layouts

  1. Make a change to a view 
  2. Look for the Layout changed message in the top left
  3. Click Save 
  4. Boom! Your layout has now been saved for everyone that has access to the view. 

Who can save layout changes?

Anyone (except for a Guest) is able to save changes to a view's layout. If you don't want people changing layouts, you have two options:

  1.  Protect a layout, so no one can make changes
  2. Make it a personal view. Keep in mind that this will make it private to you only.

Will layout changes up in real-time? 

In order to prevent losing your place or work, when you make layout changes, these changes won't be immediately reflected if someone else is viewing the same view at the same time. However, as soon as they leave and come back or reload a view, the changes will be reflected. 

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