If you don't want others to change your view, then protect it! Note that your Workspace must be on the Business Plan to access this feature.

Protecting a view locks everything in place to prevent accidental changes. This means you won't be able to change:

  1. Filters

  2. Sorting

  3. Columns

  4. Grouping

  5. View settings

  6. Collapsed groups

These are all protected until you unprotect the view. 

How to Protect a View

  1. Click on the ellipses ... next to a view

  2. Flip the toggle for "Protect View" 

Important notes after you flip the Protect toggle

  • Permissions: Decide who can and cannot save changes to the view

  • Add a note when protecting a view to inform people why they shouldn’t unprotect it 

  • Choose to duplicate protected views as personal views so you could make adjustments for yourself

  • Views can either be personal or public to everyone in your Workspace

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