Made the perfect view and want to prevent any accidental changes? Protect a view to preserve your view settings and preferences!

Protected views are available on the Business Plan and above. Reach out to us today to start a free trial!

Protecting a view locks the following settings and preferences from being changed:

These are all protected until an authorized user unprotects the view.

Protected views

Protected views display a shield icon next to the view name and in the lower right corner:

Pro tip: Click on the shield icon in the lower right to quickly unprotect a view!

  1. When you try to make changes, we'll let you know the view is protected

Clicking Revert will undo any temporary changes made to the protected view.

If you have permission to unprotect the view, you can do so, and any changes you've made will be saved.

Protect a View

  1. Click on the ellipses ... icon next to a view

  2. Click the Protect view toggle

  3. Choose to add a message to appear when users attempt to unprotect the view

  4. Click Protect Layout

How to edit permissions

Permissions specify who can and cannot unprotect the view and make changes.

  1. Click on the ellipses ... next to a view

  2. Click on Edit permissions under Protect view OR click on Sharing and Permissions

  3. Set the can unprotect or can't unprotect permissions for the users in your Workspace

Note: By default Admins and Owners can unprotect views and Members cannot unprotect a view. Guests can never unprotect views.

How to Edit a Protected View

In order to make changes to a protected view, a user with permission to unprotect the view can:

  1. Make any desired changes to the protected view

  2. When prompted, click Unprotect View

  3. The changes will be saved

If you don't have permission to unprotect a view, then you'll only have the option to revert any temporary changes. Refreshing or leaving the view will also revert any temporary changes.

Note: Users who can create views are able to duplicate protected views as a new personal view and make adjustments to their personal view instead!

Protecting Doc views

Protecting a Doc view also protects the Doc.

Protected Docs that are shared with a location as a Doc view are automatically created as a protected view.

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