Note: These features pertain to ClickUp 2.0, which is scheduled for release soon! For information on release timeframes and other FAQs about 2.0, please click here.

Release Plan: 

Team owners will see an email when they are selected. Here's our tentative schedule for BETA releases:

  • 5/24: 10 teams [Seniority] 
  • 5/31: 50 teams [Seniority] 
  • 6/7: 100 teams [Seniority] 
  • 6/10: 500 teams
  • 6/14: 1,000 teams
  • July: official public launch of 2.0 

Note: the first 3 rounds, while randomly selected, were selected from a pool of our most senior teams. Additional rounds are entirely random and we are unable to make any adjustments or exceptions in order to ensure fairness, sorry!

We're beyond excited for all of our incredibly loyal users to experience 2.0 and are working every single day to get this out as quickly as possible! Thank you so much for your loyalty and patience.

It's easy to flip between ClickUp and ClickUp 2.0. Here, we'll see how it's done.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be a team owner to make the switch

How to Switch to 2.0

  1. Click your team avatar menu
  2. At the top of the dropdown, click Try ClickUp 2.0 
  3. Complete the checklist to familiarize yourself
  4. Let us know what you think through the in-app feedback form in your new team avatar menu

How to Switch Back

Just head back to your team avatar to click switch back , and let us know if 2.0 wasn't an improvement for you. 

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