Inbox is your centralized place to work. It's your mission control center for your work in the past, now, and in the future. 

It's also your system to create reminders (that are private to yourself) and delegate reminders (shared with you and the person you delegate to). 

The main goal of Inbox is: never forget again. 

It's too easy to forget things that you have to do and that's where Inbox comes in. Inbox is a mixture of both tasks and reminders

How to Access Inbox

Inbox is located within your Home. To access Home, simply click on the home icon located at the top left of the app. You can also click on the ClickUp logo to get you there.

Once there, get a quick glance of overdue tasks as a banner at the top, and click, hit i, or tab over to your Inbox.

Working in Inbox

There are three primary tabs along with two secondary tabs that make up your Inbox. 

Inbox: Create reminders and see what tasks and reminders you have to work on
Tasks (must be assigned to you) and reminders appear in your Inbox when the start or due dates are today or in the past. 

Next: See what you need to work on next
This tab was designed to help you plan ahead. Here you'll see all of your upcoming tasks and reminders that have start or due dates in the future. 

Done: Reminders and scheduled tasks that you've completed
In the Done tab, you'll find completed reminders and tasks. Note that a task counts as 'done' when it gets changed to a Done status, and it must be assigned to you and have a scheduled due date to be included in your Inbox. 

Delegated: Reminders or reminders converted to tasks that you delegated
These are reminders you've created and assigned to other people. Since you can convert reminders to tasks, we'll also show tasks that were converted from reminders you delegated here. The cool thing about this tab is you're able to see if that person has completed the items you delegate to them. Note: Delegating reminders is not available in the Free Forever plan. 

Unscheduled: This tab holds every task you're assigned that doesn't have a due date. By default it's sorted by priority to let you quickly add a due date to the most important items, move them out of this tab!


ClickUp reminders are the coolest reminders ever created! Not only can you create text reminders, but you also can add ATTACHMENTS

IMPORTANT: Reminders that you create for yourself are PRIVATE to you. No one else can see them.

BUT, reminders don't just have to be for you! You can delegate them to other people, which adds them to their own Inbox. 

When you delegate a reminder, you'll see it appear in the Delegated tab as well as a person's Profile. 

NOTE: Inbox reminders are global across all Workplaces, meaning they'll be the same for every Workplace you're on, they are always synced across Workplace. This way, if you leave one Workplace, you won't lose your reminders! 



  • Complete reminder 
  • Change due date 
  • Add to List (Convert to Task) 
  • Delegate reminder 
  • Delete reminder 


  • Change status
  • Change start/due date 
  • Priority
  • Reassign
  • Delete task

Note: Tasks and reminders must be assigned to you in order for them to appear in your Inbox.


Profiles are a way of viewing other people's Inboxes - but only for the tasks and reminders that you have access to. You can see their schedule, see what they're working on now and next, and even delegate reminders straight from here. 

Inbox Settings

  • Show the Space, Folder, and List where a task lives in your Inbox!

Pro Tips

  • Convert reminders to tasks by adding them to a List 
  • Quickly jump to your Inbox with hotkey i 
  • Try cleaning your Inbox and working primarily out of it. It WILL change your life!
  • If you ask someone to do something small, create a reminder for it - it will never be lost. 
  • Guests have Inboxes and Profiles too! That means you have an easy way to see what your guests are up to, and they'll know exactly what they need to do.
  • Access your Inbox offline to stay connected from anywhere in the world!
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