Profiles are so freaking cool! We invented Profiles to give Workspace members unprecedented insight into:

  1. What people are working on

  2. What people should work on next

  3. What people did recently

  4. What tasks people have that aren't scheduled (in their backlog) 

A major goal with Profiles (and the associated My Work widget in the Home) is to solve the biggest problem in management...


Profiles give you a window into every person's responsibilities so you can add reminders, make adjustments, or see what they're working on next.

When you delegate reminders or tasks, you'll be able to track them and make sure they actually get done. 

Opening a Person's Profile

Access a person's profile from anywhere in the platform. This includes when you're selecting a task's assignee, reading through your notifications, or looking at task activity. 

When you click on a person's name from anywhere in ClickUp, their Profile will expand from the right side of your screen.

Note: Everyone has a Profile— that means you can even see what your guests are up to!

How to Use Profiles

Each profiles gives you some incredibly cool features! 

  • View a person's description
    - Editable by the person who's profile you're viewing or a Workplace admin
    - A perfect place to add a role, location, or something clever :)

  • See what Teams they are in

  • LineUp™️
    - View what others have on their individuals to-do lists
    - Add tasks to your or other's LineUp to establish priority of what to work on next
    - Note: This is only available when the ClickApp is on.

  • Trending tasks
    - See trending tasks for people shown with a percentage based on task activity for viewing, commenting, and editing tasks in ClickUp.
    - Note: This is only available when the Pulse ClickApp is turned on. 

  • Activity
    - See activity that people have been up to in any area of the Workspace
    - Search for specific activity
    - Filter for specific activity

  • Create reminders
    - Creating a reminder for someone will add it to their Home when it's due (by default it's due 'Today')
    - Note that you can only see Reminders on people's profiles that you personally delegated. You aren't able to see reminders people create for themselves, or reminders that other people delegate to them.

  • Inbox (Home): This is your work central. Within it lives the My Work widget comprised of 4 areas: To do, Comments, Done, and Delegated.
    - To do: Where people should generally work from as far as their priority is concerned. To do contains both tasks and reminders that start or are due today and earlier. It's also the perfect place to manage tasks in and outside of work by adding reminders.  
    - Done: Tasks and reminders that have been completed (tasks in a 'done' status count as completed as well)
    - Delegated: Reminders delegated to other people

  • Recent: Tasks that the person has recently worked on
    - Created: tasks recently created
    - Time Tracked: tasks where time was recently tracked
    - Updated: tasks recently updated 

  • Assigned
    - Tasks: Unscheduled tasks, but are assigned to the person - this is your place, as a manager, to see what's in someone's backlog and schedule tasks accordingly
    - Comments: Unresolved assigned comments that are awaiting action. With the new comments tab, you'll be able to view and follow up on anyone's comments you or others have assigned to them so you can easily track their progress! Note: Any assigned comments in Chat view will not show in Profiles at this time. Check out this feedback board if you'd like to see this added as a feature!

Please note: Guests do not have permission to view other Workspace Profiles.

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