ClickUp Reminders are the perfect way to delegate quick action items to others (or to yourself!). Not only can you create text reminders, but you also can add attachments.

Note: Delegating Reminders is available on our Unlimited Plan and above.

Reminders in Home

How to create a reminder

  1. Click the Home icon in the upper left corner

  2. Type in a reminder under your My Work section

  3. Delegate the reminder to a teammate by clicking on the Person icon

  • By default, new reminders created are due today . However, you can set a different due date by clicking on the clock icon.

  • Add attachments by clicking on the paperclip icon.

Delegated Tab

To see reminders delegated to other people, just go to the Delegated tab of your My Work widget: 

Hover over a reminder to make changes:

  • Checkmark: Mark the reminder as done 

  • Due Date: Click this to change the due date

  • List icon: Convert this reminder into a task

  • Assignee: Change the assignee for the reminder

  • Trash: Delete the reminder

Delegated Reminder

Reminders in Profile

Click on a person's name anywhere in the app to open up their Profile. This is the perfect place to see what someone is working on today and in the future!

Reminders in Profiles

Creating A Reminder In A Profile
  • When you create a reminder in someone’s profile, it’s automatically delegated to that person. This means they'll find it in their Home!

  • When you delegate a reminder, you'll see it appear in the Delegated tab of your My Work widget, as well as in the person's profile.

Note: You can only see reminders on people's profiles that you have personally delegated. Reminders are private in nature; you aren't able to see reminders people create for themselves, or reminders that other people have delegated to them.

Recurring Reminders

Adding recurring reminders

You can even set up repeat schedules for reminders that teammates need to complete again in the future! 

Choose a repeat schedule manually, or type in your desired schedule in the due date section of your recurrence menu:

Note: Reminders are global across all Workspaces, meaning they'll be the same for every Workspace you're on. They are always synced across Workspaces. This way, if you leave one Workspace, you won't lose your reminders! 

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