Create docs, wikis, and knowledge bases anywhere in ClickUp. Each doc is flexible, sharable, and can contain an unlimited number of pages. 

You can even share your docs publicly, without having to log into ClickUp!

How to add a Doc View

  1. Click the +  
  2. Select Page Views 
  3. Choose Doc 

How to add and nest pages

  1. Click + Add Page 
  2. Give your page a title
  3. Drag the page under another page (or use the Add page inside option) to start nesting
  4. Expand and collapse nested pages with the carrot beside the parent page

How to set who can edit (permissions)

  1. Open the dropdown menu from the ... 
  2. Click Edit permissions to bring up the modal shown above
  3. Choose to set edit permissions for each user with access to this doc

How to share a doc

Docs and pages are publicly sharable! Create a public link to give anyone access with the permissions you choose. 


  • Share all docs in a view from the ...  menu in your Views toolbar 
  • Share select pages from the ... menu in the Docs sidebar (beneath PAGES )
  • Toggle the  Share via link switch to create sharable links
    - Private link: Only ClickUp Workspace members will be able to visit
    - Public link: Read below

Sharing a doc with Google:

  • Share Doc with Google: This allows docs to be indexed by Google and other search engines. Your doc may then be found by anyone with access to Google's search!
  • Only share with people you give the link to: By default, when this toggle is flipped on, only people with the unique link will be able to access the doc, but search engines won't see it.

How to Import & Export Docs

Easily download your ClickUp Docs as PDF, Markdown, and even HTML files! Plus, you can import Docs using Markdown and HTML.

Filetypes supported:

  • HTML
  • PDF (Export only)
  • Markdown

To get started, click the download button (shown below) on any Doc!

How to set personal Doc Views

Available on paid plans only, the Personal view option makes the doc only visible to you. 

  1. Open the dropdown menu from the ... 
  2. Flip the toggle for Personal view 
  3. Choose whether to hide this doc from everyone or create your own personal copy that you can modify without worrying about others snooping around

How we use docs

Feature details

Lists in ClickUp often represent a feature. We break this feature down into steps and each page details what needs to happen for the feature to function properly. This really helps everyone on the Workspace understand what they're working on, and it makes writing documentation for the public easy when we're done!


For example, we create a doc view for each of the custom templates you're able to use in ClickUp. This makes it simple for our users to understand what they're looking at and how things are structured in a glance. We even throw in some tips for getting the most out of these templates. 

Contact Information

We've created a Workspace contact list with everyone's details. This makes it easy to get ahold of anyone in the Workspace, even if they're not online. 

Have suggestions for doc views? We'd love to hear about them here!

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