Have you ever chatted about something only to later find your comments lost or even worse, not attended to? 

Now, you can keep your Conversations alongside your work. 

Pro Tip: many people replace Slack Channels with ClickUp Conversations! 

Talk about items unrelated to specific tasks - in any view or location in ClickUp. These give you all the same power of attachments, notifications, unfurled task links, and even embedding. 

How to Add a Conversation View

  1. Click the +  
  2. Select Page Views 
  3. Choose Conversation 

What You'll Find in Conversation Views

  1. All ClickUp task links can be found here
  2. All links to external sites
  3. Watchers of this conversation (who will get notifications for any updates)
  4. Attachments
  5. Unfurled task links
  6. (not shown) Rich text formatting[link]!

How We Use Conversations

Discussing Product

Conversations are a great place to discuss anything your heart desires - and our heart always desires our own product :)

Replacing Slack Channels

Slack channels are fine, but what happens when you're discussing a new project or initiative? Not only is the conversation buried under all the other noise, but you also have to go back and forth between ClickUp and Slack. Not anymore! 

Managing Sprints

We create unique conversations for each topic in a new release we're planning. For example, we might have a List called Sprint 2.0 that has a conversation about design, a conversation about server updates, and a conversation about what's changing in our documentation!

Sharing Code

With code text formatting[link] it's easy to discuss solutions to programming problems and ideas for bug fixes. Go ahead, try it out!

Have suggestions for conversation views? We'd love to hear about them here!

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