We've made tons of improvements to the Chrome Extension! Here's the biggest changes:


  • We added a button! Now, the rich action menu is available in a tiny button that follows you wherever you go!
  • Easily drag the button out of the way to anywhere on your screen to keep it there
  • Hovering over the button gives access to five functions: Notepad, Bookmark, Screenshot, Track Time and Create new task
  • Easily tell the button to temporarily hide, always hide from this site, or permanently hide


  • No longer do you need two extensions, the ClickUp Notepad is now bundled with our main extension
  • Convert notes to tasks
  • View notes in full screen


  • Bookmarking let's you save websites to ClickUp
  • This action creates a task in ClickUp with full page details and a screenshot so you can easy to turn the website into an action item
  • We've even added a bookmark button in the rich text editing menu to quickly insert hyperlinked text based on the title of the page and its URL
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