Literally bring anything into your Workspace to save time and reduce context switching. With Embed view, now you can add apps and websites alongside your tasks! 

It's revolutionary, it's incredible, it's life changing! 

How to Create an Embed View

Embed Via URL

Many apps allow you to embed their content via a simple URL. For example, you'll be able to give ClickUp a video link and the player will automatically load into your view. 

  1. Click the + 
  2. Select Page Views
  3. Choose Embed 
  4. Insert a link

Just a few of the endless possibilities: 

Embed Via HTML

This option gives you the power to customize your embeds with a little HTML. 

  1. Click the +  
  2. Select Page Views 
  3. Choose Embed HTML 
  4. Add your HTML

Just a few options:

Real-World Examples

Content Management: Google Sheets

At ClickUp, we track landing page versions and updated dates in Google Sheets. That's why we added a Google Sheets Embed view on the List that contains tasks for optimizing our site's pages. 

Instructional Videos: YouTube

We work on features in Lists in ClickUp. Whenever a new feature is given to the engineering team, instructional videos are added alongside the task list via Embed views. 

Roadmap: Google Sheet

In our roadmap Folder, we've added an HTML Embed view with our feedback board that lets us check for updates, comment, and make changes for our audience without leaving ClickUp.

Have suggestions for embeds? We'd love to hear about them here!

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