ClickUp's Slack integration allows you to do so much more than just chat with your teammates. Learn how to customize Slack notifications, create ClickUp tasks from Slack and much more.

How to Enable the Slack Integration

Step 1: Authorize Slack

Note: Only Workspace admins have access to integrations. 

  1. Go to the Integrations page in your Workspace Settings

  2. Click the Slack button - You’ll be redirected to Slack

  3. Grant ClickUp access

Step 2: Authorize Personal Slack Notifications

  1. Go to the Slack Notifications page in your personal settings

  2. Click the Slack button—you’ll be redirected to Slack

  3. Grant ClickUp access

how to add Slack notifications to a Space

Unfurl ClickUp Tasks in Slack

When task links are posted in Slack, they'll be instantly enriched with details. People will also have the ability to perform actions on the task.

You can unfurl ClickUp tasks in Slack and then perform actions such as:

how tasks unfurl from ClickUp in Slack

Learn how to enable unfurling in this doc!

Slack Notifications

Instantly send notifications about ClickUp tasks to the Slack channels of your choice.

You can receive these types of notifications:

  • Task created

  • Assignee changed

  • Status changed

  • New attachment

  • New comment

Learn how to enable Slack notifications here!

Note: To receive notifications from a private Slack channel, you'll need to change your personal notification settings. Only public channels will be able to push notifications through on the Workspace level, but private channels (like direct messages) will be under "Personal Slack Notifications" on the Slack integration page under your Workspace settings.

Slack Actions

Have you ever wanted to create a ClickUp task about a message in Slack? Or maybe add a Slack message as a comment to an existing task?

Now you can:

  • Turn Slack messages into ClickUp comments 

  • Turn Slack messages into ClickUp tasks 

  • Add Slack messages to your Notepad

You can do all of this (and more) with the ClickUp Bot!

how to attach a comment from Slack into ClickUp

How to take action

  1. Hover over a Slack message

  2. Click on the ellipses ... to reveal the more message shortcuts menu

  3. Choose an action ("create task", "attach comment", or even "save to Notepad")

For more details about Slack actions, check out this doc!

Create Tasks

You can even create brand new tasks without leaving a Slack conversation. Just follow a few simple steps:

how to add a new task in ClickUp from Slack
  1. In any channel, type /clickup new to initiate the new task creator

  2. Select the Space and Folder you want to contain the new task

  3. Slack will prompt you with a task details window where you will create the task

Note: this integration is available for use with the web app only

For more details about creating tasks in Slack, check out this doc.

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