What's a Goal?

With ClickUp's Goals feature, you can create specific objectives, and easily track and view their progress. Goals are then broken down into smaller Targets

Learn how to create a Goal here.

Real World Examples


Easily monitor the progress of your Sprints.

  1. Click on the Goals icon to add a new goal and name it. (Ex. "Sprint 3.0")

  2. Assign the Goal to your Project Manager.

  3. Set the due date for the Goal to be the date you'd like the Sprint to be completed by.  

  4. Use the task Target type to link pertinent Lists or tasks to this Goal. As you complete each "task", you'll see the Goal progress update in real time.

Screenshot of a Goal to track and measure Sprints

Personal Goals

An aspiring chef sets a weekly Goal for creating 3 new recipes

  1. Set up your Goal using the True/False Target type. Add one Target for each recipe. 

  2. Click on each Target and mark it as finished. 

Animated gif showing how to update a Target in a Goal

Weekly Score Cards

Set up a weekly Score Card Goal to show your team what you'll be working on throughout the week. 

Screenshot of a weekly Score Card in Goals
  1. Set up your Goal using the Target types that work best for you. Here we'll use the Number Target type for ex. Goal: Weekly Instagram posts.

Screenshot of a an example Target in Goals using a Number

    2. Click on the Target and increase the # by however many Instagram you posted for the week.

Screenshot of an update to a Number target in Goals


With Goals, you can define how to achieve your objectives through measurable actions with Targets. That way, your team can focus on specific activities and results they need to achieve the Goal.

Ex. Increase profit by 25%

Screenshot showing several targets in a Goal
  1. Add Goal "Increase profit by 25".

  2. Add and name your Target. 

  3. Select the Currency Target type and input the dollar amount you'd like to reach.

Screenshot showing a Currency target being used in a Goal

Examples of other Targets (key results) you can set to meet your Goal.

Screenshot of several example Targets within a Goal

Similarly, ClickUp's Portfolios feature gives a high-level overview of what's happening across your Workspace.  Portfolios are broken down by full Lists, however.  You can easily monitor the progress and health of Lists to keep your tasks on track. 

Portfolio columns give you insight via Custom calculations, List colors, Task status, List Start/End date, Priority, Assignee, Time estimated, Time logged, and Time remaining.

With Goals, you can create specific Targets and link specific tasks to the Goal on a more granular level.

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