Note: We will no longer be updating this doc. We've since repositioned our Portfolio functionality into our Dashboards in the form of a Portfolio Widget! Legacy Portfolios will remain intact for the time being, however, we don't have plans on updating the feature.

What Are Portfolios?

Portfolios give a high-level overview of what's happening in your Workspace. You can easily monitor the progress and health of related items to keep your tasks on track. 

Learn more about how to create and use portfolios here.

Show or Hide Columns

When viewing a Portfolio, you can choose what to display via columns. The importance of these columns will vary depending on what kind of projects your teammates are working on.

You can show or hide these columns via the +  icon in the header toolbar:

Real World Examples

Sprints and Feature Releases

When your Workspace is in crunch mode, get an overview of their progress and a general confidence level of whether or not your milestones will be met on time.

Important Columns:

  • List Color & Labels - Assigning colors to your Lists along with labels helps your entire Workspace and provides an invaluable high-level overview of your workflows.

  • Statuses - Quickly identify task distribution to determine if there are any bottlenecks in your pipeline that may need attention.

Marketing Campaigns

Add Lists from your different marketing workflows into one Portfolio to visualize your progress cross-functionally. 

Important Columns:

  • Priorities - Set a level of urgency for an entire List (urgent, high, normal, low)

  • List Labels - Labels like "ongoing", "ahead", etc. show the status of the List

Construction Project

Easily maintain a bird's-eye view of your timeline with Portfolios.

Important Columns:

  • Start Date and End Dates - Each phase of construction can be considered a milestone, something you can easily set directly from your Portfolio.

  • Time Estimated - Set a total time estimation on each phase (or milestone) to help determine if you’re on track, falling behind or ahead of schedule.

Event Planning

When planning large events, ensuring on-time completion can be stressful! It doesn't have to be, though. Use Portfolios to keep an eye out for overdue tasks and who you need to connect with to get back on track.

Important Columns:

  • Overdue - Instantly visualize overdue tasks within each list

  • Assignee - Easily assign entire Lists to your Workspace members from within your Portfolio.

Public and Private Portfolios

Portfolios can be made publicly visible to your entire Workspace or set to private in the same way that Folders and Lists can. By setting a Portfolio to private, you can select individual people that you would like to have access to the Portfolio.

To change the access-level of a Portfolio you can:

  1. Click the ...  next to the name in the Portfolio's tab

  2. Click on the share button


  • Click the "Share" button in the top right of the Portfolios page

Another great feature to use in conjunction with Portfolios are Goals and Milestones. While Portfolios provide a high-level overview, Goals and Milestones will allow for a more granular approach.

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