Customize Lists and Folders with colors and labels to communicate their status, visually connect related Lists and Folders, or just to make your Workspace more vibrant!

Important: Any member may set a List or Folder's color if they have Edit permissions, but only Workspace admins/owners may edit them.

How to adjust List colors

Click on any List to open the color options:

  1. Click Add/edit colors
  2. Click Add/edit colors 
  3. Click Add new color 
  4. Click Change color 
  5. Select the color you would like to add
  6. Optionally Add a label.

Pro-tip: you can add emojis into the labels for extra flair!

Then, watch as your List colors brighten up your sidebar and fill your view with color!

Each List will backfill with the color of your choice!

How to adjust Folder Colors

  1. Click on any Folder to select a color
  2. Click Add/edit colors to add a new color/label
  3. Click Change color
  4. Select the color you would like to add
  5. Optionally add a label - including emojis for extra flair!

Folder colors allow better insight into the status of projects. Use RAG tracking to determine if a project is At Risk (Red), Behind (Amber) or On Track (Green).

Any Folder color you've used will automatically show in the Portfolio widget on your Dashboard. Sort this widget by Folder color to easily see how projects are moving and keep your organization on track!

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