Share ClickUp with people. When they click your link, you'll earn ClickUp credit. 

What's this for?
Sharing with friends, family, or anyone you know

What do you get?
Credit to use on your Workspace.


  • New Sign Up: 150 ($1.50) Points
  • Workspace Upgrades to Unlimited
    -- 500 ($5.00) Points when upgrading on monthly billing
    -- 1,000 ($10.00) Points when upgrading on annual billing
  • Workspace Upgrades to Business
    -- 1,000 ($10.00) Points when upgrading on monthly billing
    -- 2,000 ($20.00) Points when upgrading on annual billing 
  • New members added within a year of Upgrading
    -- Unlimited: 100 points per seat
    -- Business: 250 points per seat 

How do rewards convert?
100 Points are worth $1.00 in ClickUp credit. 

How often do you send money for referrals?
Rewards are available 45 days after each sign up, upgrade, or seat added.

How do I start?

  1. Open your Workspace menu
  2. Select Rewards 
  3. Click GET REWARDED 
  4. Share your link!
  5. Track performance in the Details tab
  6. Track rewards in the Rewards tab

How to Switch

Want to know how the affiliate program works? Now you're able to easily switch between the two!

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