Getting Started

  1. Install the Time Doctor desktop app
    - Log in

  2. Install the the Time Doctor Chrome Extension
    - Click on it's icon in your Chrome browser and log in

  3. Log into your Time Doctor account

Note: This integration is only available for Time Doctor v1 and for use on the web app at this time.

logging into time doctor account

How to use the extension in ClickUp

  1. Ensure that you're logged into the Time Doctor desktop app and the Chrome Extension

  2. Open up a ClickUp task

  3. Click on the Time Doctor time tracking icon in the upper right portion of the task to start the timer

  4. To stop the timer, click the same button in the task
    - You can also stop tracking by opening up the Chrome Extension, or from the Time Doctor desktop app!

Using the time doctor chrome extension

This task will also automatically be created within your Time Doctor desktop app. 

Not seeing the Time Doctor button in your tasks? Make sure that you've turned the Time Tracking ClickApp on for your Spaces.


Need help setting up? Please reach out to Time Doctor at

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