Do you have tasks in statuses that are pretty much done, but you don't want to close them? Make those statuses "Done" statuses in just a few steps!

When a task is moved to a "Done" status, it will behave a bit differently. Here is how a task in a done status works: 

  • No overdue notifications: Tasks will not give you a notification when reaching a start or due date

  • Unblock dependencies: Waiting on dependencies will be cleared when a blocking task is moved to a done status

  • Tasks in Goals will count as complete

  • Tasks in Portfolio Lists will count as complete

  • Tasks in your Inbox will count as complete

Setting Done Statuses

moving a status to the Done status category
  1. Open a status editor

  2. Drag and drop a status from ACTIVE STATUSES to DONE STATUSES 

  3. Save and close

Have more questions about statuses in ClickUp? Check out our FAQ page here.

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