Portfolios give a high-level overview of what's happening in your Lists and also let you track progress in real-time. You can create Portfolios, customize the view, and share them with whoever you want. 

Done Statuses

Do you have tasks in statuses that are pretty much done, but you don't want to close them yet? Make those statuses "Done" statuses in just a few steps!

When a task is moved to a "Done" status, it will behave a bit differently. Read more here!

Goals Folders (Business)

Group weekly goals, align business objectives, and do more with neatly organized folders!

List Colors: Add labels

Now you can add Labels to List colors - giving your team transparency in what each color means. Use them for statuses, tags, or anything you desire. 

Outlook Add-In

You may now connect ClickUp and Outlook with the Chrome Extension (install here) to attach emails to ClickUp tasks and create a deep connection between your inbox and your tasks. 

Custom SAML SSO (Enterprise)

We now support any custom SAML protocol for Single Sign-On (SSO). Contact sales to get started. 

Re-size Task View

Now, you can easily adjust the size of the left (details) or right (activity) panels in Task View. 


Gantt View

  • Sorting the Gantt chart without revealing columns

  • Sidebar column widths are greatly reduced

  • Added tooltip to show subtask parent title in the Gantt chart

  • Subtasks now appear in the unscheduled tasks list

Time View

  • Task activity logs for changes made via Google Calendar

  • Expand calendar to show all tasks in the same day in Month View


  • Reschedule overdue notifications from your notifications page

Email Task Creation

  • Creating a task from an email with an image in the body will add the image in-line with text in the task description.

iOS App

  • Sort and filter your tasks just like the web app!

  • New fresh design :)

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