How do I create a recurring task?
Don't worry, there's a doc for that!

What does the starts-on date in the summary mean? 

  • This is when you want the recurrence schedule to start. This is different than a task's start date. The starts-on date lets you decide if you want to wait a little bit before that recurrence schedule actually kicks in. 

Can I adjust start dates when a task recurs? 

  • Absolutely yes! Simply click on the start date and adjust it.

What happens if I manually change the Due Date for a recurring task on a schedule? 

  • Nothing will change with recurring. Manually changing the due date of the task has no effect on any of the recurring settings, it will still follow the same original schedule you have set.

Can I see future occurrences on my calendar? 

  • With a paid plan, you can make all future recurring tasks visible. Learn more here.

Use-Case Walkthroughs

Daily Recurring Task

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